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Magela Herrera


About Magela

Magela Herrera grew up between two worlds: one her family’s deep ties to a large set of unique traditions influenced mostly by Afrocuban music; the other the years she spent learning and studying classical music at the Conservatory of Music in her native Havana. Praised often for her unique background that also includes Latin jazz and nordic jazz, Herrera developed her incredible instincts and keen musical chops from 2004 through 2011 as a member of Mezcla – a Cuba fusion band. Towards the end of her tenure in 2010, she was nominated for Best Solo Flute from the New York based magazine Jazz Corner for the tune “Quien tiene el ritmo” (who’s got the rhythm) on Mezcla’s album I’ll See You in Cuba. The recording was also nominated for Best Album.

Over the years, Herrera has shared the stage with an extensive list of acclaimed international artists, including Chucho Valdez, Barbara Dane, Ralph Alessis, Sanskriti Shrestha (Nepal) Jan Eggum (Norway) Oslo Chamber Orchestra (Norway), Munir Hossn (Brazil), Siudy Garrido flamenco company ( USA) to mention a few. She has also performed at the Oslo Jazz Festival and Oslo World Music Festival (Norway), Copenhagen Jazz Festival (Denmark), Lunatos Festival (Toronto), Mujeres en el Jazz (Spain), WDNA downtown jazz festival. (USA) and at various jazz clubs and venues worldwide.

Herrera’s adventurous, confidence building road from holding court with Mezcla to her emergence as a solo performer and bandleader included living in Norway for a number of years, learning all about jazz improvisation and freer forms of musical expression while gigging there and earning Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Jazz/Improvised Music from the Norwegian Academy of Music. This was a major shift in mindset from her early days studying classical music at the Conservatory of Music in her native Havana and earning her first Bachelor’s degree in classical music from the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA)

Notable Festivals

- South Beach Jazz Festival 2020 WDNA Miami Downtown Jazz Festival 2020

- Global Cuban Fest with Brenda Navarrete and Yelsy Heredia 2020

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"Nothing can prepare one for her breathtaking performance on her debut recording Explicaciones.
Here she not only wields her flute with a generous measure of magic, but also sings with heraldic beauty."

- Raul Da Gama, 2019.-